Refrigerant Cycle Split Heat Pump Water Heater
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Refrigerant Cycle Split Heat Pump Water Heater

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Refrigerant Cycle Split Heat Pump Water Heater

The refrigerant cycle domestic split heat pump adopts refrigerant cycle the water tank to heat water, outdoor and indoor split design, no water system outside, any freezing and damage to water system. The compact design with small dimension makes the heat pump convenient to be delivered, stored and installed at any place.

Widely application place: ordinary family, villa, office, and restaurant and hotel. 24 hours apply shower or washing hands.


  • Fast water heating at temperatures up to 60.

  • Mitsubishi or Panasonic Rotary type compressor, low vibration, low noise and high reliability.

  • Multifunction LCD wired controller.

  • High efficiency up to COP 4.5, saving 75% energy compare to tradition electric heater.

  • Automatically defrosting.

  • Simple installation: Rooftop, balcony, yard or basement can be suitable places for the installation.

  • Durable, long life span up to 15 years, extremely low maintenance cost.

  • Heating Capacity: 3.7kw-7.2 kw, Tank Volume: 150L-500L.

  • Working temperature range of outdoor -15 to 43.


  • Galvanized metal cabinet or stainless steel.

  • R410a, R22, R407c refrigerant is available.

  • Water tank volume options: 150/200/250/300/400/500L.


Refrigerant Circle Split Heat Pump Water Heater

Refrigerant Cycle Split Heat Pump Water Heater
Working temp. range -15~+43℃ -15~+43℃ -15~+43℃
Rated heating capacity kW 3.7 5.5 7.2
Hot water water output L/h 80 120 160
COP W/W 4 4 4
Heating input power kW 0.93 1.38 1.80
Maximum current A 5.75
7.1 9.5
Power supply / 220V 1N~50Hz
IP code / IPX4
Safety function / High and Low Pressure Protection, Overload Protection, Temperature Protection
Refrigerant type / R407C ( R410A, R22 also available )
Compressor QTY pcs 1
Compressor type / Scroll
Maximum outlet temp. 60
Noise dB(A) 32 34 48
Dimension (W×D×H) mm 920×335×585 920×335×585 840×310×730
Connecting pipe spec. inch 1/4", 3/8" 1/4", 3/8" 1/4", 3/8"
Net weight kg 41 54 58
Packing weight kg 50 65 68
Inlet and outlet pipe interface inch G 5/8" Internal thread G 5/8" Internal thread G 5/8" Internal thread
Safety valve specification MPa 1.2 1.2 1.2
Water tank volume L 150L / 200L 150L / 250L / 300L 300L / 400L / 500L


1. Test conditions: (DB/WB) 20°C/15°C, inlet water temperature 15°C, outlet water temperature 55°C.

2. Due to product improvement, above data are subject to change without prior notice, please take the nameplate on the heat pump as standard.

16 Intelligent Protection Functions

heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
Ground Protection Overvoltage Protection Leakage Protection Temp Differential Protection Hight Temp Protection Losting-Phase Protection Low-Voltage Protection Dry Heat Protection
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
heat pump functions
Over-Current Protection Water Flow Protection Intelligent Fault Automatic Detection High/Low Voltage Protection Automatic Monitoring Communication Line Fault Protection Frost Protection Temp Sensor Fault Protection

How Does Heat Pump Work

how does heat pump work
The heat pump is an energy moving device.

  • The refrigerant absorbs the free air source energy Q3 from the air by the evaporator.

  • The compressor compresses the refrigerant into high temperature and pressure refrigerant via electric energy Q1.

  • The heat energy Q4 transmits to water in the heat exchanger.

  • According to the law of conservation of energy, heat energy Q4 = air energy Q3 + electric energy Q1.

how does heat pump work

Heat Pump Advantages

heat pump advantages
Safely heat pump advantages
Energy Saving Up to 80%
Adopt air source heat pump technology, not use hidden troubles created by electric heating and combustible gas for heating, separate water and electrics, safety is the greatest wealth for our life. Air source heat pump heats by absorbing the free energy surrounding air, without any waste emission, high efficiency and energy saving up to 80% compared with the traditional electric heating mode.
heat pump advantages
Comfort heat pump advantages
Environmental Protection
24 hour unlimited central hot water system and floor radiant heating more comfortable for human body to supply a high quality life.

Heat comes from air for free of charge, no exhaust gas produced, use air source heat pump water heater and reduce CO2 emission and save the liquid gas and electricity source.

Protecting ecological sustainable development heat pump technology.

heat pump advantages
Intelligent Control Without Special Maintenance heat pump advantages
Convenient Installation
The heat pump equipment can realize automatic control without special maintenance, which saves the extra cost of manual maintenance. The installation site of the heat pump is convenient, so long as the air is fully flowing, such as the external wall, the roof or indoor is suitable.


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