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Flat Plate Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater

WOMBAT Flat Plate Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater (or thermosyphon) is a thermosiphon solar water heater that incorporate a high efficiency heat pipe flat plate collector and mains pressure stainless steel storage tank. An electric element provides backup heating to ensure hot water all year round.

Apricus branded WOMBAT thermosiphon systems are the low cost type solar water heaters which supply solar hot water for domestic hot water applications. Apricus provides two choices based on your daily hot water demand, with available capacity of 150L and 300L.


  • High efficiency heat pipe type flat plate collector

    WOMBAT Heat Pipe flat plate solar panel, only heat pipes work as the heat transferring unit which get direct contact with the water in the storage tank which is also a closed loop solar water heater system but increased the heat exchanging efficiency and avoid freezing problems.

  • Overheating Protection

    The new improved design can prevent the overheating in summer (overheating will damage the tank and shorten the life of solar water heaters). Meanwhile, the relative low temperature can ensure the high sunlight absorbing efficiency.

  • Multiple Installation Choices

    It can be flush mounted on the slope roof, providing a perfect product & building integrated installation. It can also be ground mounted onto a flat roof with the angle supporting frame.

  • Available Split System Installation

    The solar panels and storage tanks can be separated as per customer’s installation requirements, which tank can be installed under roof by natural circulation or somewhere else away from the collector by a circulation pump. 


Basic Operation

Flat plate absorbers absorb sunlight and convert it to usable heat, which is transferred to the heat pipes welded to the underside of the solar absorber sheet. The heat pipes contains a small amount liquid which forms steam when heated, rapidly transferring the heat up to the header pipe which is connected to the storage tank. Water in the storage tank gradually circulates through the header pipe heating up the tank throughout the day.

Flat Plate Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater - Basic Operation - 1

Flat Plate Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater - Basic Operation - 2

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Founded in 2003 by Australian Mick Humphreys with a specific focus on solar thermal solutions, Apricus has since grown into a global company with distribution and support offices worldwide. 



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