How does an Air to Water Heat Pump Work?
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How does an Air to Water Heat Pump Work?

An air to water heat pump takes low temperature heat energy from the environment and turns it into higher temperature heat by extracting from the outside air using a refrigeration cycle. It makes use of the fact that, when evaporating, liquids absorb a large amount of energy, and this energy is released when the vapor condenses back to a liquid. By using this property, the heat pump transfers large amounts of absorbed energy to the water in the heating system.

Normally, an air to water heat pump consists of two parts. There is  an indoor module and an outdoor unit.

1. The heat pump’s outdoor unit draws outdoor air into the heat pump and concentrates the heat to achieve a higher temperature via a refrigerant cycle.

2. The refrigerant contained in the heat pump’s closed system has a boiling point far below zero, so it evaporates when even cool air is blown across the heat exchanger.

3. The pressure of the refrigerant gas is raised by heat pump compressor, which also raises the temperature to a high enough level. The refrigerant then condenses in another heat exchanger and releases heat to a water delivery system.  The pressure is then reduced by an expansion valve, and the temperature falls.

4. The air to water heat pump system completes thiscycle again and again, absorbing energy from the air and transferring it to the water. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. Heat pump system is a way of harnessing and pushing the limits of the laws of thermodynamics.

5. A supply of electricity is required to power the compressor and fan, but it is only a fraction of the thermal energy that is provided. Water that is heated is transported to the indoor module, and goes through domestic piping systems for showers, taps, radiators and floor heating.

In summary, the thermal energy that the air to water heat pump has taken is from outdoor air, and by concentration, it is used to supply you with hot water and heat your home.

You can reduce your water heating costs by up to 80 percent with an air to water heat pump from Apricus. The amount you will save depends on the size and the location of your house, and which model of heat pumps you choose.


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