ETC-30 Solar Collector
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ETC-30 Solar Collector

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ETC-30 Solar Collector



Dimensions (LxWxH)*

2005 x 2196 x 136 mm
Peak Output** 2014 W
Aperature Area 2.84 m2
Gross Area 4.4 m2
Gross Dry Weight 95 kg
Fluid Capacity 790 ml
Flow Rate 2 L/min (max 15L/min)
Max Operating Pressure 800 kPa / 8 bar

ETC-30 Solar Collector Complete is comprised of: 

1 x ETC-30-KIT (Manifold and standard frame)

3 x BOX-ET/HP-10/10 (Tubes and heat pipes)

Apricus ETC-30 evacuated tube solar collectors are ideal for solar hot water systems. The Apricus ETC-30 collector is designed to be used in a wide variety of solar thermal (heat) applications in almost any climate. The evacuated tube and heat pipe technology provides very efficient and reliable solar thermal production in a simple to install design. For a basic overview of the Apricus ETC evacuated tube solar collector design and key features, click here.

Please download the ETC collector overview pdf: International Version(ETC_Collector_Overview_Int.pdf), USA Version(ETC_Collector_Overview_USA.pdf). 

A single ETC-30 tube collector is ideal for residential households of 4-5 people, able to provide 60-80% of domestic hot water demand (depending on location).  

For commercial projects that demand a lot more hot water such as such as hotels, dormitories and car washes, multiple ETC-30 collectors can be connected to form a larger solar thermal array.


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