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What is an Inverter?

A power inverter, or simply inverter, is an electronic device that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Solar PV modules produce DC electricity, but most homes and business are wired to run on AC, and most appliances run on AC power. The inverter is required to convert the electricity from your solar PV system into a form that is compatible with your appliances and the mains grid. The inverter is the central hub of the solar PV system and provides system status, performance statistics, and user control either via an onboard interface or remote monitoring feature.
Inverters are usually categorised as grid-connect or stand-alone/off-grid types; meaning one is purely for a grid-connected PV system, and the other is designed to connect with a battery bank to supply an AC load with no grid connection. There are also hybrid types that can manage battery charge/discharge cycles and maintain a grid connection for export and backup functionality. Inverters come in a range of sizes from small right up to utility scale capacity, and a larger system can often multiple inverters working together.




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