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System Accessories

Apricus brazed plate heat exchanger kit for closed loop solar water heating systemsDual Wall Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

  • 12 plate, brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Suitable for up to 90 evacuated tubes or 4 x FPC-A flat plate panels
  • Grundfos stainless steel pump
  • Designed to transform any viable tank into a solar storage solution
  • Sized for optimal heat transfer
  • Capable of safely operating with a range of commonly used heat transfer fluids


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Apricus solar water heating system heat dissipation valve

Heat Dissipation Valve

  • 3-way valve
  • Designed to work with Apricus controller
  • Activates heat dissipation loops, staged multi-tank heating, hydronic heating loops, etc.
  • Digital Flow Meter
  • Compatible with Apricus HD-25 heat dissiapter


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Digital Flow Meter

  • Flow and temperature meterDesigned to record system flow rate and temperature
  • Allows controller to more accurately calculate collector heat output
  • Works with Apricus controllers
  • Range of models available for different flow rates
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