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Project Support

Solar thermal systems must be designed to meet the needs of the application and consider many factors in order to work reliably and efficiently.  In addition to offering quality solar thermal collectors and balance of system components, Apricus also offers expert system design support.

Project support can be tailored to meet the needs of the project and also the experience level of the system designer and installation teams. 

Examples of services Apricus provides are:


System Sizing

Systems sizing can involve a simple calculation of the approximate number of collectors through to complete, highly accuracy model using the Polysun software packing considering the environmental data for the location of the installation.

System sizing of Apricus solar thermal hot water systems using polysun software

Return on Investment

Given total system cost, energy costs, inflation, maintenance and other key variables, a return on investment analysis complete with cashflow projections can be provided.

Apricus solar thermal hot water system return on investment ROI payback

3D Modelling

Using tools such as google earth imagery, site photographs, and 3D modeling software, to scale graphical representations of the solar collector field can be generated, including detailed shade analysis.   This provides the client with a clear understanding of what the solar field will look on their building. 

Apricus solar thermal hot water system 3D modelling and shade analysis

System Schematics

While final drawings that meet relevant plumbing codes and building regulations must be developed by licensed engineers, Apricus can provide strong guidance and system diagrams to help ensure the system is correctly engineered.  

Apricus solar thermal hot water system schematics and drawings

System Control

Some solar thermal systems require custom control parameters beyond what a standard controller software set can provide.  Apricus is able to develop customized software for the MFC-1 controller for high volume applications, or work with PLC units for one off customized systems with advanced requirements.

Apricus solar thermal hot water system control

Local Partners

Apricus understands that each region has different plumbing codes, environmental climate and installation habits and so we develop partners who can speak the local language and provide Project Support with strong local experience. 

We are always on the look out for local partners that have strong technical and business experience to join the Apricus team in supporting solar thermal projects.  

If you are interested in working with Apricus, please contact us.

Apricus local partners Mustakbal Clean Tech Jordan
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