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Heat Dissipater

For solar thermal systems that are oversized to provide more contribution in the winter months, the solar system design may require a heat dissipation device.  This is normally required when heat transfer liquids that are not able to withstand high temperatures are used.  Apricus offers the DH-25, a passive liquid to air heat radiating device. 

Apricus solar water heating system heat dissipator


Heat Dissipater (HD-25)

  • Able to dissipate up to the output of an Apricus AP-30 collector.  *
  • Water to air heat dissipation
  • Suitable for external use
  • Passive operation
  • Can be operated via solenoid or thermostatic 3 way valve


* Actual heat dissipation capacity depends on the ambient temperature, hot liquid temperature and air flow rate.




Apricus Heat dissipator system diagram



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