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Climate Change

Fossil fuels such as gasoline/petrol, diesel, LPG, coal and natural gas power much of the modern world. These materials are burnt to release the energy contained in the carbon atomic bonds, but in doing so release harmful byproducts, such as CO2. Increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere act like an insulating layer, trapping heat like a greenhouse, causing Global Warming.  

The "carbon footprint" of a business, or how much by products it releases, is increasingly being scrutinized. For business that use a lot of hot water, installing a solar water heating system is a simple and effective way to offset these emissions. Taking this step towards "green planning" for your business will not only provide benefits to the environment, but will create a positive public perception of your business. 


Understanding Climate Change



Apricus solar collectors for hot water reduce reliance on fossil fuels reducing CO2 emissions


More Information

For more information on climate change, please visit these reputable sites:






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