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Commercial Solar Projects

Apricus supporting solar water heating industry professionals

Apricus solar collectors are ideal for commercial hot water applications.


Solar for Your Business

If you are a business owner that uses hot water at your facility, then choosing an Apricus solar hot water system can be a wise investment, providing a strong internal rate of return on the initial investment and greatly reduced long term energy costs. This is particularly the case given healthy incentives such as tax breaks and advanced equipment depreciation that are offered in many countries. 

Please review the information in Solar Basics section to gain some base knowledge about how solar thermal works.

Click here to view case studies of many business that have chosen Apricus!


Providing Quality Solar Solutions

At Apricus we understand that the performance of a quality solar collector is only realised when combined with sound system design and a professional installation.   For this reason we place a strong focus on providing technical support and training to key sectors of the solar thermal industry including architects, mechanical engineering firms and installers.

Project support is provided for system design from small residential through to large scale commercial applications.

Training can be provided one-on-one, in group seminars and through webinars.

In a commitment to education and furthering the solar thermal industry, Apricus is active in authoring technical articles


Apricus Tech Centre

For Apricus customers or those solar industry professional that are interesting in specifying or installing Apricus products, access is offered to the Apricus Tech Centre (ATC).

The ATC provides access to more comprehensive documentation, training information, and various tools to assist with system design and sizing.  

To apply for access please Register.  

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