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Thermosiphon Water Heater

Apricus Wombat heat pipe thermosiphon solar water heaters are an all-in-one solar water heating system. They are ideal for supplying pressurized hot water to residential customers who require a sustainable, easy to install, high efficiency and reliable solar hot water solution. In high solar radiation areas, Wombat solar water heater can be the sole energy source for hot water supply. In other medium&low solar radiation areas, Wombat systems can provide pre-heated hot water which saves traditional electric or gas energy costs.

Production Overview

Apricus Wombat heat pipe thermosiphon solar water heaters are available in 120L, 170L, 200L & 240L capacity.



Product Model


Optional Accessories

Electric Heating Element, Solar Hot Water Controller, Mg anode.



The Wombat heat pipe thermosiphon solar water heater is comprised of four main parts:



Basic Operation

Evacuated tube absorbs sunlight and converts it to usable heat. A vacuum between the two glass layers insulates against heat loss. The heat transfer fin helps to transfer heat to the copper heat pipe, which contains a small amount liquid and becomes steam and transfers the heat from within the evacuated tube to the heat pipe bulb, and then gradually heats up the water inside the tank.


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