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Apricus Launches New Website

12th November 2012

Apricus Launches New Website


New Website

Apricus is pleased to launch a totally revamped website.  The website has been redesigned with the following goals:

  • Easier navigation, cleaner interface
  • More educational content
  • More product documentation
  • Enhanced search engine optimisation
  • Stronger focus on supporting Solar Industry Professionals


Initially the site is only in English, but additional language localisations will be gradually rolled out, making Apricus information more accessible than ever. 

The new Apricus Tech Centre is the destination for Apricus solar thermal professionals.  Free access is provided to a range of content including solar thermal training presentations, system sizing tools and technical documentation.  

Registration is free, so click here to begin. 


Knowledge is Power

Apricus believes in educating the customer so they can make informed decisions about products and services. To this end the website contains easy to understand information about hot water and solar water heating. By reading thoroughly the content of the Apricus website a discerning customer will have a much better ability to compare products and also judge if a solar sales person or contractor really knows what they are talking about! 

Solar professionals interesting in Apricus products can access advanced technical training, tools and documentation in the Apricus Tech Centre.  Click here to register. 


If you have any feedback or suggestions for additional content we would love to hear from you


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