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North American Solar Tanks

Apricus solar hot water storage tanks for North American marketApricus Inc. offers high quality solar storage tanks for both residential and commercial applications (North America only). All tanks meet the highest quality and performance standards and are backed by industry leading warranties.


Residential Tanks

  • 80 & 120 gallon tanks with or without heat exchangers
  • Internal 4500 kW electric elements


Commercial Tanks

  • Stainless steel, glass lined, ASME rated tanks (up to 12,500 GAL)
  • Atmospheric tanks (up to 5,000GAL)


Drainback Tanks

10, 15 & 20 gallon tanks available with and without an internal heat exchanger


Residential Packaged Systems

A variety of packaged systems suitable for any type of residential solar thermal  installation.  Closed loop, direct flow and drainback configurations available.

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