PV Powered Split Pump Forced Solar Heating System
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PV Powered Split Pump Forced Solar Heating System

  • PV-ETC20-200

  • Apricus

PV Powered Split Pump Forced Solar Heating System

PV Powered Split Pump Forced Solar Heating System

PV-ETC20-200 : PV powered split pump forced solar heating system. 


The Apricus PV-ETC20-200 solar system is designed to use free solar energy only. It can be applied for a wide variety of solar thermal (heat) applications in almost any climate. This system provides a complete package of 200L solar hot water heating solution, which technology provides very efficient and reliable solar hot water in a simple installation design. 


• Solar energy only hot water heating system 

• Enamel lined mains pressure storage tank with Mg Anode Freeze resistant heat pipes 

• High efficiency evacuated tube & heat pipe solar collector 

• 40W solar photovoltaic panel for electric supply 

• Cyclone rated, corrosion resistant aluminium mounting frame 

• Provided with circulation pump, temperature controller, all piping, fittings and safety valve 

• 5 year limited warranty on storage tank 

• 10-15 year limited warranty on parts 

Technical Specification 

Evacuated Tube Solar Collector 

Evacuated Tubes Borosilicate 3.3 Glass
Absorber Cu-SS-AL/N 
Heat Pipes High purity copper
Heat Transfer Fins Aluminium 
Rubber Components HTV Silicone Rubber 
Mounting Frame 6005-T5 Anodized Aluminium 
316 SS Fasteners 
Manifold Casing 3003 AL, PVDF coating
Peak Power Output 1342 W 
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1496 x 2005 x136 mm
Aperture Area 1.89 m2 
Gross Area 2.21m2 
Gross Dry Weight 63.5 kg 
Fluid Capacity 550 ml
Max Operating Pressure 800 kPa 
Stagnation Temperature 228oC 
Certifications Solarkeymark, AS/NZS 2712-2007, SRCC 

Storage Tank 

Tank 2.2mm mild steel
Lining Enamel 
Casing Powder Coated Zn Galv Steel 
Insulation 58mm high density PU foam 
Anode ∅18 x 1100mm Mg Anode
Electrical Rating IPX4 
Safety Valve 1MPa / 99oC PT valve 
Certification CE, Watermark 


Pipe Material 3/4” 304SS Flexible Pipe 
Fittings Brass 
Insulation 13mm thick Aeroflex EPDM 
Insulation Cover Reinforced AL Foam


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Founded in 2003 by Australian Mick Humphreys with a specific focus on solar thermal solutions, Apricus has since grown into a global company with distribution and support offices worldwide. 



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