New Solar Heating and Cooling Roadmap by SEIA
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New Solar Heating and Cooling Roadmap by SEIA

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New Solar Heating and Cooling Roadmap by SEIA

New Solar Heating and Cooling Roadmap by the Solar Energy Industries Association shows how Americans could save $61 billion annually in energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions by 226 million tons annually.

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SHC Roadmap Highlights

Approximately 44% of energy consumption in the United States is directly attributable to heating and cooling, costing more than $270 billion annually. Solar heating and cooling (SHC) can help provide an economically viable and environmentally sustainable long-term solution to this these essential daily needs. SEIA’s SHC Roadmap sets a target installation of 300 GWth of SHC capacity by 2050. Reaching SHC targets will save Americans money and boost the economy:

  • Create 50,250 jobs

  • Reduce our annual heating and cooling costs by $61 billion

  • Save $19.1 billion by deferring electric and natural gas infrastructure expansion and repair

  • Raise $2.1 billion annually in increased federal tax revenue through job creation and economic growth

  • Increase America’s annual manufacturing GDP by $1.4 billion

  • Make it easier for businesses and families to budget expenses by eliminating price volatility


SHC is an environmentally sustainable solution that will:

  • Generate nearly 8% of the total heating and cooling needs in the U.S.

  • Avoid the creation of 226 million tons CO2 emissions annually – the equivalent of taking 64 coal plants permanently offline

  • Increase resiliency against disasters by localizing energy resources


The right policies for SHC with specific long-term targets and financial incentives will lead to market growth and the deployment of the Roadmap goals. 

  • 94% of Democrats, 75% of Republicans, and 89% of Independents rank solar energy favorably

  • Sustained and smart investments in SHC will facilitate America’s transition to clean and low-cost solar heating and cooling

  • Similar to the SunShot Initiative, the federal government should take a leadership role in reducing SHC soft costs to achieve cost competitiveness with conventional fuels

  • Supporting programs such as consumer awareness campaigns, research and development for innovation, demonstration projects, and workforce development will also contribute to deployment goals


The full report can be found at

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