Apricus Develops Partnership in the Bahamas
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Apricus Develops Partnership in the Bahamas

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Apricus Develops Partnership in the Bahamas

The following article featured on the front page of the Nassau Gardian on 27th November 2012:

A global renewable energy company has arrived in The Bahamas to cement a local partnership for the wide distribution of green products.

Apricus with offices in Australia, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Jordan and eastern Europe, will meet with Renewable Energy Technologies Limited in the capital over the coming days. Executives from Apricus are following in the footsteps of a full container of solar-powered water systems that recently arrived in Nassau for distribution to the Bahamian public.

The global company plans to serve as the supplier, while Renewable Energy Technologies would offer on- the-ground support.  Michael Wright, one of the owners at Renewable Energy Technologies, believes that this partnership could be the beginning of major "green penetration” into the country and the dawn of more technical professions and opportunities for Bahamians.  

The company plans to install a full solar water system onto a home this week as a demonstration.  "The government sees this as the inroad to renewable energy and the pathway to solar," Wright told Guardian Business. "We do intend on becoming the market leader here. The important thing is we will have the inventory in place."  In other words, rather than trying to secure orders and then seeking supply, Renewable Energy Technologies has these systems on the ground for immediate installation.

Nigel Ruddell, vice president of Apricus Inc. for this region, called solar water heaters the "low hanging fruit", in the sense that the technology is not expensive and it can make a big impact on power costs.  "We are doing everything we can to push the industry forward in a positive direction by expanding to the Caribbean," he said. "We have already taken the first step to identify a partner on the ground."  That partner, Renewable Energy Technologies, will be the ambassador for the company here in Nassau. Wright said executives plan to meet with Minister of Environment and Housing Kenred Dorsett to discuss their plans.

While hotels and high-end homes are certainly on the radar, the company also hopes to capture the low- end market by installing the technology on government-sponsored homes.  Government administration buildings are also of interest to the company.  Wright said the involvement of Apricus gives the initiative a strong global backing, proven track record and technical support that extends beyond these shores.  "We believe with the rising cost of energy that we can play a role here. We are satisfied that something has to be done," he told Guardian Business.

Founded in 2003 by Australian Mick Humphreys with a specific focus on solar thermal solutions, Apricus has since grown into a global company with distribution and support offices worldwide. 



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